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Kocaeli: Region of Honour in 2015

Kocaeli is a province located in the north-west of Turkey. It is about 50-75km far away from Istanbul, which is considered to be one of the most important metropolitan cities in the world. Because of its strategic location Kocaeli has always served as a connection between Europe and Asia.

Kocaeli, which is bordered by two important seas, the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, is today a logistics center opened to world markets, thanks to the availability of its several ports and an industrial port.

With 1.676.202 inhabitants and a population density of 445 persons per square kilometre, it also is one of the most populated provinces.

In the North of the city you have railway and highway infrastructures, which are the main access roads of the country. Additionally, you have two airports that are about 50 and 90 km far away from Istanbul.


The most important aspects that identify Kocaeli are its rich industry and its investment potential. The province's economy is built on its industry, as it contributes on its own to 13% of Turkey’s manufacturing industry production. In recent years, Kocaeli is preferred by both domestic and foreign investors, several automotive industries, such as Ford, Hyundai, Honda and Isuzuc established facilities in the region. In addition, the region is also home to giants in the tyre sector such as Goodyear, Pirelli, Lassa-Bridgestone and Özka tires. In fact Kocaeli’s automotive industry contributes to 34.02% of Turkey’s total automotive industry.
The chemical industry is also well represented in the region with the presence of the biggest company in Turkey, the Turkish Petroleum Refineries Co.

Today 2,200 important industrial companies, including 252 foreign-owned accounts, are based in Kocaeli. In fact, 26 companies of the 100 biggest companies of Turkey are based in Kocaeli and 87 companies from Kocaeli are in the country’s top 500 list.  

Another important aspect of the city is that 12.4 % of Turkey’s tax revenues come from the industry in Kocaeli. The tax revenues generated in Kocaeli are equal to the resources provided by 73 other Turkish cities.

Furthermore, Kocaeli has a significant potential in terms of foreign trade. In 2013, the exportation amounted to 18.421 billion USD, whereas importations of 51.457 billion USD were realised. These values can be explained by the excellent shipping facilities that Kocaeli offers. The companies located in Kocaeli can deliver their products all over the world thanks to 35 ports, special piers, motorway and railway infrastructures.


The investments in Kocaeli are being encouraged in industrial zones, techno-parks and in free zones. More precisely, 13 industrial zones, 3 techno-parks, as well as 2 free regions are located in Kocaeli.
Instead of investments in heavy industry, Kocaeli prepares for advanced technology and high value-added investments. The techno-parks of GOSB, KOU and TÜBİTAK are planned for small productions. The TÜBİTAK techno-park is a free zone, where important developments in software technology are being implemented.


Two universities are located in Kocaeli, with approximately 81,000 students. The Scientific Research Institutions that are present also play an important role for the fulfillment of needs and the development of human resources.


The most important facilities for the industries in general are transportation and natural gas infrastructures, electricity and water demand, those are supplied via the Yuvacık Barrage. It is this sustainability that makes Kocaeli a center of attraction of investments. A strong cooperation between the Metropolitan Municipality and the industrialists, for instance in finding new water sources, can also be added to the positive aspects of Kocaeli.

Turkey's only hazardous waste disposal facility (İZAYDAŞ), located in Kocaeli, provides important advantages related to environmental issues and product standards for the industrial companies. The establishment of the first Industrial Waste Exchange contributes to the industrial recycling, and provides an environmental encouragement and the awareness programmes combined with Environmental Awards make a great contribution both in the province and in Marmara Region.

With regard to the telecommunication facilities, the industries benefit from good infrastructures, above the standards of Turkey.


The archaeological richness of the region also paves the way for cultural tourism in Kocaeli. New museums bring new expansion to highlight the cultural life and the economy.
Kocaeli reaches to the future with its investment capabilities, cultural background and economical potential.
Finally, you can admire Kocaeli, by visiting the Spanca Lake, the Gulf of Izmit and beautiful beaches, like Kefken and Kerpe, on the shore of the Black Sea. You may also visit the Kartepe Winter Sports and Skiing Center where fun is guaranteed!

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