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Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg

Focus on the Greater Region

The Greater Region : An economic and entrepreneurial potential at the heart of Europe

The Greater Region represents a unique economic microcosm composed of the Lands of Rhineland Palatinate and Sarreland in Germany, the Walloon region in Belgium, the Lorraine region in France and, in its heart, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The geographic space extends over a total area of 65,400 km² and accommodates more than 11.3 million inhabitants, 375,000 businesses, 37 universities and 370,000 students. Characterised by the regular flow of more than 210,000 cross-border workers and consumers, around 160,000 thereof commuting to Luxembourg alone, the economy of the Greater Region is marked by a cosmopolitan population and represents a model for the EU. It is indeed the expression and illustration of a European market without borders, rich in cooperations and exchanges of all kinds. The Greater Region has a GDP of EUR 303 billion, which represents approximately 2.5% of the European Union GDP.

Situated in the centre of the European industrial development, the cross-border territory of the Greater Region is the source of rich and sustained economic relations and represents a place of very intensive business contacts and exchanges. Inheriting an economy based on the mining and steel industry, this economic area intends more and more to develop in the service sector as well as in exports, innovation and R&D related to industrial clusters.

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